-  “Finding Keli’s book Drop the BS and just BE” and subsequently  connecting with her and her incredible gift of din-A-be was a huge step  in my long going journey to inner stillness, expansion and knowing.    The dreamtime sessions are a  gateway of exploring and allowing what is  beyond the physical world yet the source of it all.”  E.H.

-  "I learned of Keli Adams from a very special friend, my spiritual partner-in-crime, who couldn’t wait to tell me about her Dreamtime session. Although I wasn’t sure exactly why I was making the appointment for a session with Keli, I knew Spirit would provide the reason. Through Keli’s gifts and her confidence and trust in Source, she tuned in immediately and exposed a pattern I’ve been struggling with forever. As well as her work with Spirit in resetting, and repatterning this issue, she provided, and continues to provide, significantly helpful tools for me, to continue the work on my own. I am so very grateful for Keli and the gifts she provides, her joyful, playful, creative nature, and her wonderful, timely responsiveness. "  K.M.

- " Keli  is quite an amazing gal who is truly blessed. Listening to Midnight in  the Desert was very interesting indeed!! You won’t be disappointed. She  finds ways to help heal broken hearts for sure!!  Thank you Keli for  your hard work with helping so many of us ! "  K.G.

- "Never a big believer in remote or distant healing, feeling it was just an easy way for a scam artist to milk folks for money, I was gifted a Dreamtime session by a good friend who believes in Keli and her work.  I now humbly apologize to Keli.  It has been several days and I am still scratching my head at how much better I feel after just going to sleep.  No aching hips, more clarity, calm.  The follow-up phone call with Keli was warm, VERY spot on psychically, and she's a master of humor wrapped in heart.  Not your every day healing method but an experience not to be missed.  I WILL be getting my dinabe golden pearl."  A.K.