Leave all pre-conceived notions, opinions, judgments, and beliefs at the door before you begin to read this book. Give yourself just a weensie bit of wiggle room to stretch your perceptions about "reality." Allow Keli Adams to take you on a brief, sometimes humorous, always thought-provoking roller-coaster ride of actual bizarre experiences she has experienced throughout her life, many of which she has never told anyone about until this book. Learn of how these sometimes terrifying, sometimes humorous experiences, have led her to an open acceptance of her many uncanny abilities to serve others in powerful and unique ways.  Keep reading as she offers you a simple yet powerful way to quantumly shift your perceptions and change your own life instantly and profoundly. Mind-Shrug, drop into the POUP, and BE. (Drop into the Pool of Unlimited Potential and BE.) Quantum play keeps the ego away.  The last section of the book is probably the most incredible and powerful section of the book. It contains The SOELI Transmissions. SOELI is the Source of Energy-Light-Information..."God."  Keli gets out of the way, sits at her computer, automatically, and mindlessly, types information that comes through her, straight from SOURCE. Keli has no idea what has been said, and the transcripts you will read are the pure, raw, and unedited transmissions.  Keli herself has yet to read them, and they were only gently edited by the publisher for easier flow for the reader.  


 Drop the BS (Belief Systems) and Be
by Keli Adams

reviewed by Carol Anderson, D.Min., ACSW, LMSW

"Live your own truth without attachment to anything…with a childlike sense of wonder, curiosity, grace, gratitude, and love."

This work is divided into two sections: the first section is primarily about the author’s experiences of the psychic and the immanence and transcendence; the second part regards work one can do to help on the path of such growth. It begins with a helpful introduction, a basic discussion about her “bizarre life experiences,” and then, inexplicably, has an article quoted from Alena Hall in The Huffington Post about introverts. This is followed by the in-depth examination of her “intuitive gifts.” She then takes the reader through letting go of personal belief systems and ways to find one’s unlimited potential, discusses automatic writing, examines some of Robert Monroe’s work, and then ends with her journey as it is today.

With her education and training as a psychic medium and paranormal researcher, the author reveals herself in this personal and professional journey. The stories are fascinating and help to reveal other realms of existence. They express, in a nicely readable format, what one may experience through the mystical and the mysterious. Her use of mnemonics is valuable in aiding the reader to not only understand the author’s focus but is also a way to help in remembering one’s own past and the present with guidance into the future. This is a quirky book due to the author’s writing style, but it can be easily read by beginners on their developing paths into their authentic selves or by those who have already developed their own spiritual connections and want further information and helpful techniques. It is definitely worth reading.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review


Drop the BS and BE

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