Illness, "dis-ease," imbalances are caused by "scrambled" information in our energy fields. Using her unique gifts, powerful tools of "din-A-be" (Drop Into Nothingness and Bliss Expands), and her "3Re's" (re-pattern,re-calibrate,re-set), Keli accesses scrambled information, "smoothing" it into better resonance to our natural design. Just go to sleep.

A bonus to your Dreamtime session is the opportunity to connect with, have a  profound visitation with, a departed loved one/pet while receiving your deep healing.You are then able to connect with anyone, any time, during your waking state or in your sleep.

Here's How it's Done

Your Homework

You will receive reading materials and  prep work instructions via email that you MUST complete and follow before we schedule your session.  Otherwise, it won't be as powerful, you may not connect with a loved one or guide during sleep, the healing and balancing not as profound.  Once we set up the night for your Dreamtime session, I will send you the audio you will listen to that guides you into deep sleep, where "din-A-be" drops you into a blissful state of receiving, and the "3Re's" do their work to re-pattern, re-calibrate, re-set the scrambled information into smoother patterns of higher resonance to Source.  The audio is yours to keep, using as often as you like.