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For over 30 years, Keli has used her decades of training and practice in many diverse healing modalities to sharpen her intuitive skills, becoming a powerful healing facilitator in order to help people heal on very deep levels.   As a result of her interesting and sometimes terrifying childhood, over 40 years of curious exploration and intense study, Keli has created her own unique healing "style." 

She is a Reiki master/teacher, hypnotherapist, medical intuitive, psychic, inter-species communicator, has had extensive training in Matrix Energetics, the Reconnection, NLP, remote viewing, Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch, astral travel, quantum physics, many scientific intensives at The Monroe Institute (exploring expanded states of consciousness - without drugs), to name a few of her many areas of interest.

She offers deep multi-dimensional healing to clients in her own unique, compassionate and always "light-hearted" manner.

Keli has been a flight attendant with a major US airline since 1986.  Says it keeps her "grounded."

Keli has written 7 books...so far.

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In her small group spirit communicaton sessions called GatheringZ, Keli is able to easily connect with departed loved ones and pets, offering information and uncanny healing messages from beyond the physical.  In her compassionate, easy and humorous style, Keli's GatheringZ are very unique healing experiences.

Treat yourself to a Dreamtime healing session.  Keli "visits" while you are in deep sleep at night, accessing your unique energy systems, using her "3Re's" of re-patterning, re-calibrating, and re-setting, to promote wellness and balance at profoundly deep levels.  Healing happens.


ReunionZ Workshop


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One-day workshop shows you how to connect with departed loved ones/pets without having to use a medium or psychic. At Dilgert House, her deliciously spirited 1880's home in historic Atchison, Kansas, Keli starts the day with an exclusive tour of the house, does a deep quantum healing for everyone, and then the fun really begins. By the end of this healing high-energy day, you will be able to connect with those in the "in-between" whenever you like. Check back or subscribe to the website for 2019 workshop dates/locations.




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$50/per person with a minimum of $300 per group for 3-hour GatheringZ up to 20 people. Keli does GatheringZ in the parlor of her renovated historic 1880's Dilgert House in Atchison, KS.  A brief tour, stories of interesting experiences in the house, and the important role that Adam Dilgert played in Atchison's rich past, is included. Contact us via email to set up your own group. Check back for scheduled GatheringZ in 2019.


Dreamtime Healing


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Keli is able to access "information" to help re-pattern, re-calibrate, and re-set your energy systems for powerful healing at VERY deep levels while you sleep. Includes an initial 15-minute phone consult.

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