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Dilgert House Spirits

Click below to see a couple videos we did at Dilgert House. Frannie V "visits" with us in the parlor. She's very sweet and affectionate. See her photo on The Adams Family Paranormal site. There's activity in the portal room in the basement showing "orbs" dropping into the vortex. A work in progress, check back often.


Dilgert House has made her TV debut!

March 30  update-   

The show has aired and the house has been cleared of  the 3 ghosts that lived in the basement. Even though Dilgert House itself is no longer "haunted," the "spirited" nature of the home and  several members of the DIlgert family are very much "alive," well, and have become quite active.  There are several furnishings in the home that are haunted, carrying residual energies of previous owners that you can feel. The heart and soul of the home have been restored to the positive energies of love, hope, family and community that inspired Adam Dilgert to build the home in 1880.  Adam is now at peace.  The home is very welcoming with a wonderful inviting energy.  

About Keli

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I have used many decades of training and practice in many diverse healing modalities to sharpen my intuitive skills, becoming a powerful healing facilitator in order to help people heal on very deep levels.   As a result of my interesting and sometimes terrifying childhood, over 40 years of curious exploration and intense study, I have created my own unique healing "style." 

I am a Reiki master/teacher, hypnotherapist, medical intuitive,  have had extensive training in Matrix Energetics, the Reconnection, NLP, remote viewing, Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch, astral travel, quantum physics, many scientific intensives at The Monroe Institute exploring expanded states of consciousness - (without drugs), training as a death doula, being present with those who are actively "dying," (especially our veterans), facilitator of NODA (No One Dies Alone) programs.  I am trained in Raymond Moody's method of using a "psychomanteum" and mirror gazing for grief.  I do "psychography," (automatic writing) to acces healing information from quantum vibrations/frequencies.  Curious about the unknown, I have been a paranormal investigator for over 35 years; researching ghosts, UFO's, sasquatch, crop circles, other intelligences, anything beyond "ordinary."  It's what I do for fun in my spare time.

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NEW for 2020 - My main focus for this year is health, wellness, offering different perceptions and information  to others in order for them to take charge of their own healing and lives. I offer 90-minute sessions which includes a 60-minute phone session with a 30-minute remote healing transmission immediately after we hang up.  I  use the profound quantum intelligence of "din-A-be" combined with my signature "3Re's" to re-pattern, re-calibrate, and re-set  your energy systems to a more coherent state.

The companion to this process is my book, "DROP the BS and BE," which is an important tool for EVERYONE today to take charge of your own life, heal on all levels...easily, sometimes spontaneously, permanently. Using "dinAbe" as your quantum "assistant."   With a simple shift in perception, all things are possible.

After the world settles down a bit after COVID 19, I am beginning in-person healing sessions in the Charlotte, NC, area.  These are NOT psychic readings, but 60 minutes of relaxing, releasing and receiving deep balancing healing energy on all levels in a tranquil soothing environment.

I am also developing a fun, unique, quantum, 1-day  "Play Day," using all of the tools above to show you how to experience different states of consciousness, become best friends with "dinAbe," in order to heal your own life.  Then serve yourself and others with this "new" you.  Powerful, fun, magical and life-changing.  Shift happens!

Click this link, TheAdamsFamilyParanormal,  for more info about The Adams Family Paranormal, interesting "activity" captured at Dilgert House, "supernatural" basic training,  and a lot of "cool stuff," especially the EVA call.  While we do more work on Dilgert house, no events or investigations are scheduled.  Stay tuned for updates.



Phone Session

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Unique 90-minute session for life challenges, health issues, connecting with departed loved ones;  receiving insights and healing on all levels.  The first 60-minutes is on the phone. The session is completed after you hang up. Get comfortable and relax while receiving a profound 30-minute remote healing with the transforming skills and energies of Keli's signature "3Re's" and "dinAbe."

All sessions initiated via email:


In-Person Healing Session

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Relax in a zero-gravity recliner and drift into a peaceful restorative nap while Keli uses her many skills, her signature "3 Re's," "dinAbe," and quantum healing energies to facilitate deep profound healing on all levels.  Wake up  refreshed and feeling as if you have had a  full restful night's sleep.

60-minute sessions - NO SESSIONS until the world settles down

THESE ARE HEALING SESSIONS (not psychic readings) - schedule via email

 PSYCHIC READINGS are by phone only


The Adams Family Paranormal - Training/Investigation

After the world settles down and more work on Dilgert House is completed, TAFP will be doing their unique "supernatural basic training"  at Dilgert House. The brother/sister team of Rob and Keli Adams have over 50 years combined experience with paranormal research, from ghosts, Sasquatch, UFO's, and other anomalies.  Rob is the tech guy/investigator, Keli is a gifted psychic/medium and founder.  They don't "hunt" ghosts or chase after anything paranormal. Using concepts grounded in science, they show you a simple way to shift your awareness/perceptions into other dimensions. The "field" is where you access limitless information: sensing and allowing spirits (and other quantum energies) to come to you instead of going after them. We acknowledge "dark" energies, however TAFP does NOT embrace religion, fear, "evil" or "demonic" preconceptions.  We simply show you how to experience without fear, rather than look for, information and draw your own conclusions. With Dilgert House as a very active playground day AND night, after your basic training, you do your own investigation of the home, experiencing many "residents" and nature spirits that watch over the property. Experience residual energies on furnishings, collect solid evidence, and have your own unique personal experiences. 

5 hour training/investigating

Keli and Rob give you a thorough tour of Dilgert House, the history, hot spots and experiences people have had in the home.  They supply the simple equipment they use, give you basic training with their style/protocols. Then you go play and explore the home on your own, collecting your own evidence/experiences. From spirits  and energies of all kinds, you won't be disappointed. You may bring your own equipment if you have any. NO provoking, taunting, conjuring, candles, smudging or rituals.  NO Ouija boards!!!

Events are offered 10 am-3 pm & 6 pm-11 pm

Dilgert House is quite unique in that it seems to be as active, if not more, during the day than at night. The spirits are drawn to daytime guests since this would have been the energy imprinted on the home in the late 1800's of "normal" social visits. With the TAFP method of training, you are able to tap into these imprints from back in the day and experience the many spirits that either live in the home, or other additional guests dropping by to visit.  Gentle touching, scents, footsteps and voices heard by  human people who have visited the home during the day have been experienced. No one is frightened or freaked out, and actually enjoy the interactions.The night time sessions are a bit different, have a thicker feel to them. We have been conditioned to fear the darkness, or at least be on alert, that scary "things" come out in the night. The darkness allows our imaginations to create our own sense of "spooky," and fear of the unknown. There is a lot of "eerie" going on at Dilgert House, and nothing to fear. Both events are enlightening and great fun. Check back often for the schedule.There will be no events until at least June.

Must be at least 17 - no more than 8 guests per group

PLEASE - DO NOT wear any perfume, cologne, scented oil. No smoking or vaping anywhere on the property. Smokers must come in clean;  no residual smell on your clothes. "Air out" a bit before coming into the home if you have been smoking. The spirits in the home give off scents and smells to let you know they are there, so we want the air as clear as possible. No alcohol, recreational drugs or stupidity allowed.  If you are high or inebriated or disrespect any part of these requirements, you WILL leave...without a refund.


"dinAbe" Play Day

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

COMING SOON - Keli is creating a 1-day program to introduce you to different states of consciousness, astral travel/out-of-body experiences, spirit communication.  "Play" with the energy of your new quantum helper "din-A-be," for expanding awareness/healing.  A group "3Re's" healing session opens the day.  Then the fun begins.  By the end of the program you will be reconnected with your true divine blueprint and inner guidance system.  You will leave as a natural healer for yourself...and others.

PLEASE - NO SMOKERS, fragrances or wearing essential oils.  Unless smokers can come in completely "clean" with no traces on your skin, hair or clothes, we regret that we cannot accommodate you.  Please respect the health of others and the "clean" space designed for healing.

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