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For over 30 years, I have used decades of training and practice in many diverse healing modalities to sharpen my intuitive skills, becoming a powerful healing facilitator in order to help people heal on very deep levels.   As a result of my interesting and sometimes terrifying childhood, over 40 years of curious exploration and intense study, I have created my own unique healing "style." 

I am a Reiki master/teacher, hypnotherapist, medical intuitive,  have had extensive training in Matrix Energetics, the Reconnection, NLP, remote viewing, Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch, astral travel, quantum physics, many scientific intensives at The Monroe Institute exploring expanded states of consciousness - (without drugs), training as a death doula, being present with those who are actively "dying," (especially our veterans), facilitator of NODA (No One Dies Alone) programs.  I am trained in Raymond Moody's method of using a "psychomanteum" and mirror gazing for grief. Curious about the unknown, I have been a paranormal investigator for over35 years, researching ghosts, UFO's, sasquatch, crop circles, other intelligences, anything not "ordinary."  It's what I do in my spare time for fun.

NEW in 2020 - I will begin presenting "CelebrationZ," a unique 2-day program where each guest will receive a powerful "3Re" healing, re-patterning, re-calibrating, re-setting, with clearing/deep quantum healing on all levels.  This will set the stage to learn how to use "din-A-be" to  expand awareness, learn the basics of bi-location/out-of-body travel, how to access your inner guidance system for personal insights, releasing destructive and stagnant emotions/negativity, and connect with departed loved ones/pets.  This is DAY 1.

DAY 2  is another full day of compassion, fun, and wonderful tools for celebrating life and living fully before death.  You will create a beautiful "gift" to give to your loved one that expresses your gratitude for them having been part of your life, memories of heart, laughter and love shared.  Whether you  or a loved one have been diagnosed with a "terminal" illness, or a loved one is passing in front of your eyes, living fully in the moment is powerfully healing up until (and beyond) the last breath.  Celebrating death as a joyful passage into grace, offering supportive, compassionate calm on the journey into this new "birth" is the greatest gift we can give our loved ones...and ourselves.

This program is all about giving, heart, compassion, respect, celebration, living fully in the moment...healing.  Come celebrate!!!

"To die will be an awfully big adventure."   

                                   Peter Pan

I have written 7 far.

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AS OF JUNE 2019, I AM NO LONGER DOING ANY INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS .  I am focusing on Dreamtime Healings, hospice work, doing events at Dilgert House in Atchison, and presenting weekend CelebrationZ programs.

I will continue to do GatheringZ in Atchison during haunted season and other times during the year.  Subscribe to

NEWS!!!!  The Travel Channel is developing a new show, "Haunting in the Heartland," airing later this year.  Episode 2 is featuring Atchison, KS,  and highlighting my deliciously "spirited" 1880's home, all her history, and stories of high strangeness in relation to the house.  Will post air date when I have it.  Click this link, TheAdamsFamilyParanormal,  for more info about The Adams Family Paranormal, Dilgert House, and a lot of "cool stuff," especially the EVA call.


Treat yourself to a Dreamtime healing session.  Keli "visits" while you are in deep sleep at night, accessing your unique energy systems, using her "3Re's" of re-patterning, re-calibrating, and re-setting, to promote wellness and balance at profoundly deep levels.  Healing happens.

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CelebrationZ Program


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2-day program teaches you the basics of bi-location and out-of-body travel,shows you how to connect with departed loved ones/pets/inner guidance.  Receive tools on how to celebrate life before death, changing preconceived heaviness of death into a light spirit of grace and joy.  Check back or subscribe to the website for 2020 workshop dates/locations.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Dreamtime Healing


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Keli is able to access "information" to help re-pattern, re-calibrate, and re-set your energy systems for powerful healing at VERY deep levels while you sleep. Includes an initial 15-minute phone consult.

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